Managing Custom Attributes

Custom attributes allow you to track user-defined attributes as part of the Device Details view.

New custom attributes can be created by clicking on New Custom Attribute. Created custom attributes can be viewed as a list and sorted by the available columns.

  • Each unit name consists of a combination English letters and numbers, the percent symbol (%), or the Unicode symbols for degrees (°), degrees Celsius (℃), or degrees Fahrenheit (℉).
  • Unit names must not start with a number
  • Unit name may be followed by a caret (^) and an integer indicating the power the unit is raised to. For example “m^2” indicates square meters.
  • The unit string may have one division character (/) between any pair of unit names.

The unit string may be prefixed with a real number, indicating a multiplier of the units.

Examples of valid unit strings:

  • m/s – meters per second
  • in^2 – square inches
  • 0.1 inch tenths of an inch
  • ft/s^2 – feet per second squared
  • % - percent

Most common units will be recognized and converted to the preferred unit system for display. Arbitrary units can also be used, but will not be converted. For example:

  • “m/s” will be recognized as being a metric set of units, and will be converted to “ft/s” or similar when the user has the Imperial units preferences set.
  • “distanceUnits” is valid as a unit string, but will not be converted to a different set of units.

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