About the Console

The SOTI Connect console is where you manage your devices from.

Connect Main Menu

Click the links below for instructions on how to perform common tasks:

Setting User Preferences

Managing Users

Managing Global Settings

Managing Certificates

Managing Group Mappings

Managing Custom Attributes

The console consists of the following views. To open each view, select the corresponding menu item from the SOTI Connect menu.

Devices Opens the Devices view in which you can view and select devices or device groups to perform a quick action.

More information about Devices

Rules Opens the Rules view which lists the rules that have been created for all devices in SOTI Connect.

More information about Rules

Reports Opens the Reports view which lists the reports that have been generated for devices using a data collection rule.

More information about Reports

Configurations Opens the Configurations view in which you can view and create configurations for different types of devices.

More information about Configuration

User Security Opens the User Security view which lists the users and roles in SOTI Connect.

More information about User Security

Alerts Opens the Alerts view which lists the alerts that have been triggered by SOTI Connect.

More information about Alerts

Global Settings Opens the Global Settings view in which you can configure global settings for SOTI Connect.

More information about Global Settings

Administration Opens the Administration view in which you can view the file store, device management protocols, device type definitions, and system logs.

More information about Administration