What's New in SOTI MobiControl Help

New Product Features

The following new SOTI MobiControl features are covered in this version of the online help:

  • Signal Policy: Signal is a new policy type that allows the administrator to create customized conditions for triggering automated actions. Signal policies are platform agnostic, meaning creating a policy per device platform is unnecessary. Signal can leverage information across Indoor Location and SOTI MobiControl for building conditions that best fit your business needs. See Using Signal Policies to Monitor Devices, Location Zones, and Servers for more information.
  • Notification Panel: The Notification Panel can display alert messages that a Signal Policy triggers as well as announcements enabling SOTI MobiControl administrators to view critical information about the state of their system or device fleet quickly. See SOTI MobiControl Console Announcements and Alerts for more information.
  • Microsoft 365 App Protection Policy – iOS and Android: You can now create Microsoft App Protection policies for Microsoft 365 apps on Android and iOS devices, ensuring corporate data is protected and contained within the apps. This policy provides granular access controls to protect the corporate data from the apps, such as copying data to the clipboard. See Microsoft 365 Integration - App Protection Policy for more information.
  • iOS and macOS Enrollment Policies Migration: Apple Add Device Rules are now split into iOS and macOS Enrollment Policies. The creation and management of these policies is migrated to the next-generation user interface for a better user experience and overall consistency. The new design provides a view of all iOS and macOS Enrollment Policies in a list, along with a detailed view of each policy. See Adding Apple Devices for more information.
  • Linux Enrollment Policies Migration: Linux Enrollment Policies (formerly called Add Device Rules) creation and management is migrated to the next-generation user interface for a better user experience and overall consistency. The new design provides a view of all Linux Enrollment Policies in a list, along with a detailed view of each policy. See Adding Linux Devices for more information.
  • Simplified Certificate-Based Windows Modern Enrollment: Certificate-based bulk enrollment of Windows Modern devices is now streamlined. You can now directly download a Windows provisioning package from the enrollment rule, distribute it to the target devices, and enroll in SOTI MobiControl. Here, we provide the ability to download a PPKG (Provisioning Package) file from the SOTI MobiControl web console instead of creating it using a Microsoft tool (Windows Configuration Designer). See Autogenerate an Enrollment Provisioning Package (PPKG) for more information.
  • SOTI Identity User and Group Management: Users and Groups that have been assigned to SOTI MobiControl through SOTI Identity can now be viewed under the Users and Permissions section of SOTI MobiControl. Administrators can now manage the permission of these Users and Groups through SOTI MobiControl itself. Additionally, administrators can now retrieve matching users/groups from SOTI Identity directly while searching rather than the user input which eliminates the risks of misconfiguration. See Users and Permissions and SOTI Identity Group and User Integration.
  • Knox Service Plugin (KSP) Payload Support via Profiles: You can configure and deploy the Knox Service Plugin, Samsung’s OEMConfig, directly via Profiles for Samsung devices enrolled as Android Enterprise Work Managed. This allows administrators to easily discover and manage Samsung KSP features within the context of other Android Enterprise Work Managed profile configurations and avoid creating an App Policy. See Using the Samsung Knox Service Plugin with Android Enterprise Devices for more information.
  • Home Screen Layout for iOS: For customers deploying dedicated devices or kiosk scenarios, Home Screen Layout adds the ability to add a Home Screen Layout configuration to a profile giving SOTI MobiControl Administrators control over what and where applications can be located on the home screen. See iOS Home Screen Configuration for more information.
  • Bootstrap Token Support for macOS: Apple automated the process of generating the secure token for mobile/network logins using the new concept of Bootstrap Tokens. Starting with macOS Catalina, this will help device users generate a secure token for mobile/network accounts, without the need for administrator intervention. See Using Bootstrap Token to Create Secure Tokens Automatically on macOS Devices for more information.
  • ProGlove Scanner Integration for SOTI Surf: SOTI Surf now supports integration with ProGlove Scanner on Android devices to capture data from ProGlove Scanner, eliminating the need for field staff members to enter data in SOTI Surf manually and improving their overall productivity. See Integrating ProGlove Scanners with SOTI Surf for more information.

Improvements and Additions to the Online Help

The following improvements and additions have been made to this version of the online help: