Integrating ProGlove Scanners with SOTI Surf

Before you begin

  • ProGlove Insight Mobile Application needs to be installed and configured on Android devices. See How to Install Insight Mobile and How to Create a Configuration File for more information.
  • For ProGlove Insight Mobile Application, minimum Android API Level support required is API Level 21 (Android OS 5.0). Recommended API Level 24 (Android OS 7.0).

About this task

ProGlove wearable scanners can be integrated with Android devices to act as the scanner for daily tasks instead of a scanner or camera on a main device. This integration is handled in SOTI MobiControl using the SOTI Surf browser. Once the scan data is submitted on the SOTI Surf browser, feedback can be sent to the ProGlove scanner so that the glove user can be alerted to the submission result without checking the device screen.

By default, ProGlove integration is turned off in SOTI MobiControl. To enable it:


  1. Create a SOTI MobiControl Android profile by adding a SOTI Surf payload.
  2. In the profile's General tab, scroll down to the ProGlove Integration option.

    Surf Profile General settings with ProGlove option highlighted

  3. Turn on the ProGlove Integration toggle, then click Save.
    When this configuration is sent to the agent, the SOTI Surf agent should respond to the invocation of ProGlove methods from any web app opened in SOTI Surf, within the following guidelines:
    • SOTI Surf will not manage where the scanned barcode value appears on the web page after scan is completed by ProGlove. The barcode value will appear on the focused input field of the webpage.
    • The data needed by the ProGlove Intent API will be provided “as is” by the webpages to SOTI Surf via JavaScript interfaces. No data formatting logic will be handled by SOTI Surf.
    • The webpage must call SOTI Surf ProGlove JavaScript interface methods to access the respective ProGlove Intent API.

    For more information, see Supported ProGlove Interfaces


About this task

The connection might fail if the Insight mobile app losses the connectivity with scanner (for example, if the scanner is left in standby for a long period). The SOTI MobiControl connection depends on consistent Insight mobile app and scanner connection.