Using the Samsung Knox Service Plugin with Android Enterprise Devices

Before you begin

You can use the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) for all Android Enterprise deployment types: Work Managed, Work Profile, and COPE starting with SOTI MobiControl version 15.6.1 and later. Support differs by Android OS level:

About this task

The KSP is Samsung’s OEMConfig based solution that enables administrators to use a wide range of Knox management features within SOTI MobiControl as soon as they are commercially available in the market.

You can find more information in Samsung's KSP Administration Guide and on the KSP page in Google Play.

To learn about obtaining a free Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) license, and how to activate and validate your license, see Knox Fundamentals - Knox Licenses.



The devices assigned to your profile will follow the device-wide policies you selected. To make changes to the policies, edit the profile as described in Editing a Profile, then click the Configurations tab > Samsung:

Edit Profile dialog for KSP.