Using Signal Policies to Monitor Devices, Location Zones, and Servers


Signal is an advanced monitoring system that tracks the condition of your Windows Mobile and Android managed devices through criteria you define. These criteria span across SOTI MobiControl and the Indoor Location feature. When a criteria is met, it can trigger an alert that appears in the SOTI MobiControl Notification Panel, and an automatic mitigation within SOTI MobiControl. Permissions can be set to restrict who can view the alerts in the Notification Panel.

Device events and device property-related conditions are popular targets for monitoring. For example, you could get an alert if these conditons are met:

(If Available Storage < 1 GB AND Battery Percentage < 20%)

Signal Policy Wizard with battery and memory conditions highlighted

The following video offers a quick introduction to adding a new Signal policy:

Note: As of SOTI MobiControl version 15.6, Signal does not support outdoor geofences, device-side schedule and evaluation, or REST APIs.

Signal Policies can be created to monitor the following categories of devices, servers, or venues:

  • Managed Device: devices that are enrolled in SOTI MobiControl
  • Unmanaged Device: devices that are not enrolled in SOTI MobiControl
  • Management Server: properties and events related to the SOTI MobiControl Management Server
  • Deployment Server: properties and events related to the SOTI MobiControl Deployment Server

You can create Signal Policies using complex nested logical expressions, in a format similar to these examples:


[(A OR B OR C) AND (D OR E)]

See Signal Policy Examples for additional detailed use cases for Signal.