Blocking Access to an Exchange Server

Before you begin

Blocking access to an Exchange server requires an Exchange server connection. To establish an Exchange server connection, complete the steps in Microsoft Exchange Server Configuration first.

The Microsoft Outlook app does not support the following steps. Android users must use the native Gmail app. Likewise, Apple users must use their native Mail app for iOS (macOS is not supported).

About this task

Note: This device action overrides any active compliance policies set to manage Exchange Server access.

To block device access to an email account within a Microsoft Exchange Server:


  1. In the Devices view, select the devices you want to block Exchange access on, and in the Device Actions menu bar, select More > Block Exchange Access.
  2. If applicable, select the warning message at the bottom of the dialog box to see why SOTI MobiControl cannot block Exchange access on some selected devices.
  3. Select Block Exchange Access.


Exchange access is now blocked on the selected devices.