Performing Device Actions on Multiple Devices

About this task

See Available Device Actions for a list of all device actions. Not all device actions are supported on all device types. SOTI MobiControl will notify you of any restrictions or compatibility issues when you try to execute a device action.

To perform device actions on multiple devices at once:


  1. On the Devices view, choose if you want to perform the device action on:
    • Select devices in the Devices list: Select the check boxes beside the devices you want.
    • All device on the current page of the Devices list: Select the check box at the top of the device list, at the same level as the column headers.
    • All device on all pages of the Devices list: Beside the check box at the top of the device list, open the dropdown list and choose Select devices on all pages. When the Devices list is set to View All Devices, this option is only available after a search has been run.
      Warning: Use this option with caution as it allows you to target many or even all of your devices at once.
    • All devices within a device group: right-click on the device group and select Group Details to open its Group Information panel
    A Device Actions bar appears along the bottom of the console with the number of devices selected.
  2. Choose a device action to open its dialog box and configure it.
    Click to see all device actions.
  3. Run the device action.


SOTI MobiControl sends the device actions to the selected devices.