Bookmarking Device Actions

About this task

You can pin device actions that you use frequently to the top of the device actions list so you don't have to comb through the list of device actions repeatedly.

To bookmark a device action:


  1. Right-click on a device and a list of available actions will appear.
    Only actions that are supported for the selected device kind will appear.
  2. Hover over a device action and when a black star appears, click it to bookmark the action. The star will turn yellow to indicate it's been saved.
    Bookmarked device action
  3. Repeat for any other device actions you want to bookmark.


The next time you open a device action bar, the bookmarked action will appear at the top of the device actions list and at the front of the persistent device action in the device action bar. Bookmarked device actions will only appear on devices where they are applicable. For example, a bookmarked Send Script action will appear on Android Plus devices but not iOS devices. Furthermore, bookmarked actions will appear in the Group Actions bar as well, if applicable.

To remove a saved device action, simply click the yellow star again and it will return to its original, that is alphabetical, location in the list.

Note: Bookmarked device actions are listed in the order that they were saved, from least to most recent.