Removing Devices

When you no longer need to manage a device through SOTI MobiControl, you can delete or unenroll it from SOTI MobiControl.

Deleting a device removes it from SOTI MobiControl management. It is useful for devices that have been stolen or reached their end of life.

Unenrolling a device allows you refresh devices for new circumstances such as a device transfer or if you want to use another add devices rule.

You can also disable devices as a temporary alternative. Disabling a device severs its connection with SOTI MobiControl servers. Until it is re-enabled, it will not receive any configuration changes or updates.

If you want to remove the SOTI MobiControl device agent from the device, see Uninstalling SOTI MobiControl Device Agents.

Tip: If you are repurposing the device, we recommended that you wipe its data to protect against enterprise data leakage. You can wipe a device without deleting or unenrolling it and it will retain the same enrollment settings post-wipe.

You can also set SOTI MobiControl to automatically delete devices that have been offline for a specified period of time using the Configure Archive setting under Global Settings.