Using the Self Service Portal

The SOTI Assist Self Service Portal enables a general user (that is, a user who is neither a SOTI Assist administrator nor a help desk technician) to create new incidents and update their existing incidents. Incidents that are created in the Self Service Portal can be viewed and updated in SOTI Assist.

A general user can use the SOTI Assist Self Service Portal to:
  • Create a new incident
  • Update an incident they previously created
  • View the status of their incidents
  • Add one or more devices to their incidents
  • Attach files or notes to their incidents

The URL for the Self Service Portal is based on the URL for SOTI Assist. For example if the URL for SOTI Assist is

the URL for the Self Service Portal will be

You can distribute the Self Service Portal URL to your general users to enable them to create and update their own incidents.