Welcome to the help documentation for SOTI Assist. This help documentation provides an overview of SOTI Assist, instructions for getting started with SOTI Assist, and guides for using SOTI Assist features.

What Is SOTI Assist?

SOTI Assist is a diagnostic help desk solution that is purpose-build to help organizations resolve mobile issues faster. Using SOTI Assist you can:

  • Manage and prioritize incidents: View, create, and update incidents. Set incident priority and the resolution timeline for each priority level.

  • Track incident information: Filter and search for incidents. View a log for each incident.

  • Remotely control devices: Get hardware and software information for devices. Remotely control devices to help resolve incidents.


SOTI Assist Overview


Getting Help

To open this help system from within SOTI Assist, on the menu bar click the menu button and select Help.

For help on using SOTI MobiControl, see SOTI MobiControl Help.

If you cannot find the information you need in either SOTI Assist Help or SOTI MobiControl Help, try our discussion forum and knowledge base articles or contact us.