Associating Additional SOTI MobiControl Instances

SOTI Assist enables you to associate multiple SOTI MobiControl instances in addition to the default instance you specified when you installed SOTI Assist. This enables you to add to an incident, and remotely control, devices that are being managed by any of the associated SOTI MobiControl instances.

A video demonstrating how to set up multiple SOTI MobiControl instances in SOTI Assist is available below.

Note the following restrictions when using multiple SOTI MobiControl instances with SOTI Assist:

  • The SOTI Assist license is tied to the default SOTI MobiControl instance.

  • SOTI Assist administrators and technicians must be defined with identical usernames and passwords in all associated SOTI MobiControl instances.

  • The SOTI Assist native login page must be enabled.

    A video demonstrating how to enable the SOTI Assist login page is available below.

  • Single sign on (SSO) is not available when using multiple SOTI MobiControl instances. Users will need to enter login credentials when they use SOTI Assist for the first time.

  • Only the Self Service Portal for the default SOTI MobiControl instance will show incidents created by the user. The other SOTI MobiControl instances will continue to use their existing Self Service Portal.

  • The additional (non-default) SOTI MobiControl instances can be used only for getting information about, or remotely controlling, devices.

There are two methods of associating a SOTI MobiControl instance with SOTI Assist: automatic and manual.


How to Set Up Multiple SOTI MobiControl Instances In SOTI Assist

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