Sending StageNow Profiles to Zebra Devices

About this task

To enable you to easily configure its Android devices, Zebra provides the StageNow Staging Solution, a client program for creating device staging profiles. Once you have created a staging profile in StageNow, you can export the profile as an XML file. You can then send the XML profile down to Zebra devices that are enrolled in SOTI MobiControl via a file sync rule or a package.


  1. In StageNow, create a configuration profile for Zebra devices.

    You can download StageNow here.

    For information about how to use StageNow, refer to StageNow help.

  2. In StageNow, export the profile. When prompted, select Export for MDM.
    The exported profile is saved as an XML file.
  3. Create either a file sync rule (in the SOTI MobiControl console) or a package (using Package Studio), depending on the deployment method you want to use.

    When creating the file sync rule or package, include the following:

    • The exported profile XML file.
    • A script that uses the mxconfig command to install the profile on the device.

    If you are creating a file sync rule, specify that the script should run after file synchronization has completed.

    If you are creating a package in Package Studio, add the script as a post-install script.

    For information on the mxconfig script command, see mxconfig in the Script Command Set.

  4. If you are deploying via a package, add the package to a SOTI MobiControl profile.


When the file sync rule or SOTI MobiControl profile is pushed down to the Zebra devices, the mxconfig script command executes and installs the Zebra profile on the device.