Audit Events for iOS

Requirement Event Name
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Add new device
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Advanced settings configured
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Device Configuration failed
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Device configured
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Device has not been checked in for N (minutes/hours/days)
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Device has not been connected for N (minutes/hours/days)
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Device is missing mandatory application
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* MDM Profile Removed
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Supervision Enabled
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Supervision Disabled
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Device un-enroll requested by admin
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Device unenrolled By User
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Device un-enroll requested by user
FAU_ALT_EXT.2.1* Device unenrolled By Admin
Profile failed to install, because all of its payloads cannot be installed
Profile failed to remove
Profile installed
Profile installed by administrative action
Profile Removed
Profile revoked from device by administrative action
SIM Card Changed
Device is in roaming
Device security configured
Device security violated
Data Collection configured
Do Not Disturb Disabled
Do Not Disturb Enabled
File(s) synchronized
Find My iPhone Disabled
Find My iPhone Enabled
Geofencing Configured
Insufficient number of VPP Licenses
Personal Hotspot Disabled
Personal Hotspot Enabled
SIM Card Inserted
SIM Card Removed
Terms and Conditions pushed to device
Time Sync Configured
User accepted Terms and Conditions
User rejected Terms and Conditions
iTunes Store Logged In
iTunes Store Logged Out
iTunes account changed
Note: * Required by Common Criteria
Table 1. Device Status Events
Requirement Event Name
FAU_CRP_EXT.1.1 Operating System Version
Available Memory
Available Storage
Battery Status
Cellular Carrier
IP Address
WiFi Access Point MAC Address