Using the Self Service Portal

The SOTI MobiControl Self Service Portal lets device users perform basic management tasks for any devices associated with their account. From the Self Service Portal device users can:

  • Locate their devices
  • Lock their devices
  • Send messages to their devices
  • Remotely wipe their devices

The Self Service Portal only shows devices that were enrolled using LDAP authentication. You can also manually associate a device to an LDAP user after enrollment.

In your browser, enter https://server.domain.tld/ssp to log into your Self Service Portal with your LDAP credentials. For example, if your SOTI MobiControl URL is, enter

Note: Make sure device users have permission to access the Self Service Portal. In the Users and Console Security view, open Manage Users and update the Self Service Portal Access permissions.

You can customize the Self Service Portal's branding and device behavior after a device user unenrolls their device through SOTI MobiControl.