Using File Sync Rules


File sync rules allow you to exchange and synchronize files between your devices and a server. File sync rules are not bi-directional; you need two separate file sync rules to upload and download files between your devices and SOTI MobiControl. Files are automatically synchronized according to a schedule. You can choose to use the device update schedule or specify your own.

When setting up the file sync rule, the deployment server must have permission to read and write to the specified server location. SOTI recommends that you use a UNC path and that the deployment server is run under its own Active Directory user profile. You can use a local path if only one deployment server is being used and the local path points to a location on the computer running the deployment server.

File sync rules are available on the Android Plus, Apple (iOS only), Linux, Windows Desktop Classic, Windows Mobile/CE, and Windows Modern platforms.

Note: On the Apple platform, files synced to iOS devices are also placed in the Content Library. However, content library policies will not apply to these files.

This section contains the following topics:

File Sync Scripts

You can use scripts to add automatic processes to the file sync. These processes, or actions, can be performed on the server (before file synchronization) or on the device (before or after file synchronization).

Important: Server side scripts are only supported on on-premises instances of SOTI MobiControl and require the assistance of SOTI Support to implement. Contact SOTI Support for more information. If you have active server side scripts from a previous version of SOTI MobiControl, they will continue to work but you cannot edit them without SOTI assistance.

SOTI MobiControl provides several utilities for managing devices on the deployment server, including one for moving devices. If you run a device move utility prior to file synchronization, you can ensure that all devices are in the proper location before any files are exchanged. Contact SOTI Support for help using this utility.

For information on device-side scripts, see Using Script Commands.

You cannot use file sync scripts on iOS devices.