Setting SOTI MobiControl and SQL Server to Communicate Over a Specific TCP Port

About this task

You can configure SOTI MobiControl and your SQL Server database to communicate over another port number if you do not want to use the default TCP port (1433).

To change the port number:


  1. On your SQL Server instance, follow the instructions at Configure a Server to Listen on a Specific TCP Port (Microsoft Docs: SQL) to change the port number.
  2. Open the SOTI MobiControl Administration Utility and select the Database tab from the menu on the left side of the window.
  3. Enter the connection URL for the SQL Server, including the new port number, into the Server Name field using the following format: Server,01234\SQLServer .
  4. Click Apply to save your changes.


SOTI MobiControl will now use the specified port to communicate with your SQL Server instance.