Configuring the Search Host

About this task

In deployments that use multiple management services for load balancing, it is important that the deployment server has access to the server that hosts the local management service, since this server will also host the SOTI MobiControl search functionality.

To configure the search host:


  1. Stop all SOTI MobiControl management services except the management service for which the host's fully qualified domain name (FQDN) must be configured.
    Note: This step is required only if the SOTI MobiControl deployment has multiple management services.
  2. In the Deployment Server section of the SOTI MobiControl Administration Utility, under Management Service FQDN, enter the FQDN of the search host.
  3. Click Test Now to verify that the search host's FQDN is correct.
  4. Click Apply and restart all the management services.
  5. Verify that the FQDN of the search host has been updated in the SOTI MobiControl search yml file.
    By default, the file is located in C:\Program Files\SOTI\MobiControl\Search\config.