Remote Controlling Devices Using SOTI Assist

Before you begin

You must have SOTI Assist installed to use this feature.

Android Enterprise devices must have an Android Enterprise plugin installed.

Note: Zebra Android Enterprise devices do not require a plugin to support remote control. However, when a remote-control session is established via the Zebra RC API, a pop-up appears on the device screen, prompting the device user for a remote-control permission. The pop-up can be suppressed by API means on devices with MX 9.3 or later. The suppression does not work on TC20 and TC25 devices.

About this task

Note: Android devices with work profiles and iOS devices can only be remote-viewed.

To initiate a remote control session on a device:


  1. Select the device that you want to remote control and click the Remote Control icon in the Device Actions menu bar.
  2. In the Remote Control dialog box, select Web-based and click OK.


SOTI MobiControl will launch SOTI Assist in a new browser tab where the remote control session will begin. See SOTI Assist Help for more information.