Installing Android Enterprise Plugins

About this task

SOTI MobiControl plugins for Android Enterprise devices significantly increase management capabilities over devices that do not have the plugin installed. New features can include:

  • Remote control (Managed Devices only)
  • Additional Feature Control options
  • Script Commands
  • APN Support
Note: Supported functionality differs between different device manufacturers. Always ensure you the correct manufacturer and model selected for your devices.

To install an Android Enterprise plugin on your Android Enterprise device:


  1. In your browser, go to the SOTI MobiControl Device Agent Downloads page.
  2. Select Android Enterprise Agent and Plugins and then select the appropriate manufacturer for your device from the Manufacturer dropdown list.
  3. Select Download to download a SOTI MobiControl package file (.pcg) to your computer.
  4. Upload the .pcg file to your SOTI MobiControl instance.
  5. Distribute the Android Enterprise plugin package to your Android Enterprise devices using a profile.