Feature Control

About this task

Use the Feature Control profile configuration to disable device features such as the camera, microphone, screen capture, and many more.

Tip: Consider using feature control in combination with a Lockdown profile configuration to further control a device.

To configure a Feature Control profile configuration:


  1. Create a new profile. On the Profiles view, click New Profile and choose the platform of the devices you want to apply feature controls to.
  2. Click Feature Control to open the Feature Control profile configuration.
  3. Disable the features that you want to prevent device users from accessing.
    Generally, most feature controls are enabled and accessible to the device user by default and you must manually disable (block) them. Additionally, some feature controls provide a set of choices that you must select from a dropdown list.
    Tip: Hover over each feature control to see a brief description of its usage and any additional device requirements. Alternatively, you can click the Help icon to see more information.
  4. Move between each tab to explore all available feature controls.
    Feature controls are grouped by the aspect of the device that they affect. Tab groups differ between platforms. For example, Android Plus feature controls are grouped into Device Functionality, Connectivity and Security while Apple feature controls are grouped into Device Functionality, Applications, and Media Content.
    Tabs in the macOS feature control profile configuration
  5. Once you have enabled or disabled the feature controls you want, click Save to save the Feature Control profile configuration to the profile.