Application Run Control

Use the Application Run Control profile configuration to control which applications are accessible on your devices, even if they are already installed.

Blocking certain applications can result in increased security and improved productivity in your device users.

Configure either a Blacklist or a Whitelist depending on how many applications you want to block. However, some device types, such as Android Enterprise, only support blacklists.

A Blacklist blocks any applications that are specifically mentioned on it. If you only want to block a few applications, use a blacklist.

A Whitelist blocks any applications that are not specifically mentioned on it. If you want to block most of the applications on your device, allowing only a select few for business purposes, use a whitelist.

Note: If application run control is configured improperly, it can adversely affect the operation of your devices. Apply your control list to a few test devices before deploying to it all your devices. You have the potential to brick the device by blocking incorrect package IDs. As a general rule, if you do not know what the application or package ID does (for example, allow it to run instead of blocking it as it might be critical for the proper operation of the device.