This wizard panel presents the advanced configuration options for an installation of SOTI MobiControl.

Some of these options can change the default behaviour of SOTI MobiControl. If you experience issues with installation, or at a later point using SOTI MobiControl, remember to take these modified settings under consideration when troubleshooting.

Note: Clicking Next on this panel will initiate the installation of SOTI MobiControl. Click Back to return to the Summary wizard panel.
Site Name Change the automatically configured site name of the SOTI MobiControl deployment.
Device Management Address Change the automatically configured address that Android and Apple devices use for connectivity. The address must be in either FQDN or IP format.
Web Console Instance Name Enter a name for your SOTI MobiControl console instance.
Note: If left blank, the System Root URl will be generated based on the Device Management Address.
HTTPS Port Enter the port number of the HTTPS connection.
System Root URL Displays the system root URL.
SSP Instance Name Enter a name for your Self Service Portal instance.
Deployment Server Name Enter a name for your deployment server.
Port Enter a port number for the connection to the deployment server.
Database: Create Partition When enabled, the database is divided into 14 partitions to optimize data collection.

See Database Partitioning for more information.

Database: Create Backup When enabled, creates a backup of the database. Configure the backup's location on the SQL Server instance.
Database: Force Upgrade When enabled, forces the database to upgrade.
Database: Start services automatically after upgrade / installation When enabled, services start immediately after SOTI MobiControl is installed.
Tip: Disable this setting when performing installations or upgrades across multiple servers since you need to stop services to perform each new installation. Start services after all servers have been updated.