Registering SOTI MobiControl

Activate SOTI MobiControl to begin using its device management features. Activation is simple and only requires a registration code. Contact your SOTI account manager to get your registration code, if you don't have one yet.

Registration codes contain information about your SOTI MobiControl device and server licenses. Each time you make a change to your licenses, the registration code is updated.

SOTI MobiControl periodically checks SOTI Services for changes to your registration code but if you need the updated licenses to apply immediately (or if you have an offline deployment), you can update the registration code manually. See Updating Your Licensing Information or Updating Your Licensing Information (Offline) for instructions.

Note: If you are upgrading from a SOTI MobiControl version older than 11.0, your registration code may be in an obsolete format. To exchange the old registration code for a new one, email SOTI Support and provide the old registration code, the name of your company, and the person to whom the SOTI MobiControl installation is licensed.

Device Licenses

Once SOTI MobiControl is activated, you can enroll and manage devices. How many and what types of devices you can enroll depends on the number and type of device licenses you purchased:

  • Premium licenses let you enroll any type of device
  • Device specific licenses can only enroll their applicable device types

Each time you enroll a device, it consumes a device license. However, device licenses are reusable. If you unenroll a device, you regain its license to use with another device. You can also purchase more device licenses as your needs grow.

Server Licenses

Server licenses determine how many servers you can install this instance of SOTI MobiControl on. Each time you install SOTI MobiControl on a new server, it consumes a license. Server licenses are reusable; once you remove SOTI MobiControl from a server, you can use its license for another server. You can also purchase more server licenses as your needs grow.