SOTI MobiControl Installation

Install SOTI MobiControl to begin managing and monitoring your enterprise mobile devices. Each SOTI MobiControl installation consists of three components.

Component Purpose
Database Stores device information such as status, configurations, and data deployed to the device. If you have a Microsoft SQL Server that meets the requirements, you do not need to install a new version. Otherwise, the SOTI MobiControl installer includes a free Microsoft SQL Server 2014 R2 Express Edition for your use.
Deployment Server Relays information -status updates, configuration changes, data points- between enrolled devices and the database.
Management Service (Console) Presents an interface for managing your devices. It communicates with the deployment server, exchanging information and pushing commands to devices.
Architecture of SOTI MobiControl

A basic installation of SOTI MobiControl places all three components on the same server. However, as your device deployment grows, you may need to separate each component onto its own server to maintain the same performance levels. Visit Planning Your SOTI MobiControl Installation to see if you should make adjustments to your server configuration.

If you need to keep SOTI MobiControl (and your devices) disconnected from the internet, you can configure an offline deployment. Although SOTI MobiControl usually relies on internet connectivity to communicate with devices, with a few modifications, you can use it offline too.

Note: You can also use the SOTI MobiControl Cloud offering if you want to minimize IT overhead and get up and running quickly. SOTI MobiControl Cloud supports organizations of all sizes and needs and there is no decrease in quality compared to the on-premises option. SOTI hosts client infrastructure within Amazon Web Services, leaving you to rest easy about the security and reliability of SOTI MobiControl Cloud. Each SOTI MobiControl Cloud deployment is private, separated from other clients and fully encrypted.

Contact SOTI Sales about getting started with SOTI MobiControl Cloud.