Keyword Search

Enter any word or set of words into the Devices search bar and SOTI MobiControl will return any devices that match that search term. SOTI MobiControl scans the values of device properties to produce matches for your search term. These properties are a subset of the device properties available in a Device Information panel.

Keywords can be broad ("Apple") or narrow (a device ID) However, with broad searches, you may get unexpected results. Searching "Apple" will return both iOS and macOS devices but will also return Android devices with the Apple Music app installed. Therefore, keyword searches are most effective when using unique values such as serial numbers or device IDs.

A keyword search using a device ID as a search term

Use device IDs for narrow keyword searches that return a single device.

A keyword search using the term "apple" for a broad search.

Use a broad term like "apple" to return many results.

Tip: To filter devices by properties, see Advanced Search.


Use the Sample Devices data set to see how SOTI MobiControl performs searches using keywords.

Table 1. Sample Devices
# Device Name OS Version Device Family Serial Number
1 Timothy Smit's iPhone 11.0 Apple AABBCCEEDD
2 Sara's Nexus 5.0 Android Plus 1122334455
3 Tim Thompson's Desktop 10.0 Windows Modern ZZYYXXWWVV
4 Jane's iPad 10.3 Apple A1B2C3D4E5

The following searches return these results:

This keyword Returns these devices
Tim 1, 3
10 3, 4
apple 1, 4
iOS 10 No results
Jane, Tim No results