SOTI MobiControl Components

SOTI MobiControl consists of six major components, which work together to effectively manage your devices.

Component Description
Console The SOTI MobiControl console is the main interface for managing your devices. It communicates with the deployment server, exchanging information and pushing commands to devices. It is the focus of this help guide.
Deployment Server The deployment server exchanges information and instructions with enrolled devices by using device agents. It also relays device information to the database.
Database The Database stores information relating to your device or deployment server such as device status and configurations, and system events.
Device Agents A device agent is an application that is installed on a device to gather information about your managed devices and send it to the SOTI MobiControl deployment server.
SOTI MobiControl Search The SOTI MobiControl search functionality allows users to quickly filter devices in a wide variety of ways.
Management Server The management server provides user access to manage and administer the device via the console.