SOTI Snap Link

SOTI Snap Link is a data export connection that delivers exported app data to internal locations that aren't accessible by public APIs.

A SOTI Snap Link data export starts out like any other data export connection: you create a data export rule in the SOTI Snap console that controls how app data is exported to the specified destination. Where SOTI Snap Link shines is that after you install a local component, the SOTI Snap Link console, you can add multiple destinations for that app data.

Once SOTI Snap Link is set up, app data is routed through SOTI Snap to the destinations configured in SOTI Snap Link.

Note: App data is saved or deleted in the SOTI Snap console according to the publication settings of each app.

Each SOTI Snap Link connection supports only one user login, and will disconnect you after 30 minutes of inactivity.

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