Logging into iOS Shared Devices

Before you begin

Shared Device on iOS requires the use of the SOTI MobiControl Login app. Deploy it to your iOS devices using an app policy.

About this task

Note: To log into an Android shared device, see Logging into Android Plus Shared Devices.

To sign into a shared device on your iOS devices:


  1. On the device, launch the SOTI MobiControl Login app and enter the credentials for the applicable directory service or IdP connection. Tap Log in.
    Log in screen in the SOTI MobiControl Login app

  2. Optional: If applicable, accept the terms and conditions to finish logging into the device.


Once the device user is successfully logged in, the device will move to the device group specified in the shared device advanced configuration and apply any settings or configurations that are assigned on that device group. There may be a slight delay while the device is prepared for the new user. The device user can configure their email and other device settings.

To log out, open the SOTI MobiControl Login app and tap Log Out.

Log out button for iOS devices