Creating App Policies

Before you begin

Certain application types require the completion of prerequisite steps. Review Application Types before beginning.

About this task

To create an app policy:


  1. Select Policies>Apps from the main menu to open the App Policies view.
  2. Click the New App Policy icon at the top-right to open the Create App Policy (platform selection) dialog box.
  3. Click the required platform and select the sub-platform option from the drop-down list that appears to open the Create App Policy dialog box (see Create/Edit App Policy).
  4. Enter the information on the General tab as required:
    App Policy Name Enter or edit the policy name.
    Description Enter or edit a brief app description.
    Policy details Read-only values for policy's Status, Family, Type, and Apps (the number of).
  5. Add, remove, and/or configure apps on the Apps tab as required:
    Add (+) Click to display an platform-specific Select Apps dialog box (see Select Apps).
    A list of apps included in the policy (displays only when at least one app has been included). The list contains the Name, Version, and App Type read-only columns. It also offers, for each app on the list, a context menu (denoted by a vertical ellipsis, to the left of the app's Name). The menu includes two options:
    • Delete - select to remove the app from the policy.
    • Configure - select top open the Advanced Configurations dialog box, where you can define app configurations in the context of the current policy (see Advanced Configurations).
  6. Add the app policy graphic on the Settings tab as required:
    This tab appears only for Apple app policies.
    Upload Image

    Browse for an image file or drag the file and drop it into the filed. This image will act as a header for the app policy on the device. To replace a previously selected image with a new one, delete the current one by clicking the Delete icon within the field.

    Note: The image size must be 2100 x 65 px.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Click Save to save the policy without assigning it to any devices
    • Click Save and Assign to open the Assign dialog box, where you can define the policy assignment rules and proceed with assignment to target devices (see Assign (App Policy))