Locating All Devices in a Group

About this task

To locate all devices in a device group:


  1. Right-click on the device group whose device locations you want to see and select Group Details.
  2. Move to the Location tab.
    SOTI MobiControl will automatically show the last known locations of any devices that have previously been located.
  3. Click Locate All to get the current locations of your devices.
    Note: Only devices directly within this group will appear. Devices in nested groups are not included in the scan.


A colored dot will appear on the map for each device. Online devices are green dots. The color of offline devices varies depending on the last time SOTI MobiControl was able to gather location information for the device. Check the Last Located legend in the top left corner of the map for which colors correlate to time ranges.

Devices in close proximity appear as a cluster. Zoom in to see individual dots.