Wiping Devices

About this task

Note: Some restrictions apply:
  • Devices where SOTI MobiControl manages only a portion of the device such as Android devices with managed profiles cannot be wiped completely.
  • Supervised iOS devices must disable or bypass Activation Lock before wipes are successful.

To remove data from your devices:


  1. Select the devices that you want to wipe and in the Device Actions menu bar, select More > Wipe.
  2. In the Wipe dialog box, enable any applicable options. Pay attention to any warnings highlighted by the Wipe dialog box.
  3. On some device kinds you can choose a delivery method.
    • SOTI MobiControl Agent sends the message directly to the SOTI MobiControl agent.
    • Platform Notification Service sends the message through the device's native messaging service.
  4. If applicable, expand the warning message at the bottom of the dialog box to see which of the selected devices cannot be wiped and why.
  5. Select Wipe.


Wiped devices remain enrolled in SOTI MobiControl.