Using SOTI Surf

SOTI Surf is a secure mobile browser managed through SOTI MobiControl that enables device users to access their corporate intranet through an encrypted connection on their device. It combines all the elements of a traditional browser with additional security features such as website filtering and data leakage prevention options. Furthermore, SOTI Surf allows you to use a proxy server and encrypt all network traffic to and from specified domains to ensure the safety of your corporate data.

SOTI Surf can leverage SOTI MobiControl's Enterprise Resource Gateway (ERG) to encrypt all network traffic that passes through SOTI Surf on your devices. It sets up a connection between your servers and your devices to protect your company data, end-to-end. On SOTI Surf, ERG is enabled through the SOTI App Server Extension, read Installing the SOTI Apps Server Extension for instructions.

Note: It is recommended that you employ ERG with SOTI Surf. If you do not use ERG, your network traffic is not encrypted and you lose the ability to use LDAP authentication to verify your users.

SOTI Surf is available on devices running Android 4.2 or later or iOS 8 or later.

SOTI Surf Setup Overview

SOTI Surf is simple to configure and begin using with your enrolled devices. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Set up your proxy server connection.
  2. Configure settings for the SOTI Surf app using a profile configuration.
  3. Deploy the SOTI Surf app to your devices using an app policy or a package.
Tip: SOTI Surf is a SOTI MobiControl SDK-enabled app therefore you can remote view the SOTI Surf app when it's in the foreground of an iOS device. Simply select the Remote View device action for an iOS device with SOTI Surf installed. This is not applicable for Android devices, which you can remote-control regardless of the SOTI Surf app.