The sendintent Command

sendintent sends an Android intent to the device to start an activity, server, or broadcast.

An sendintent script command requires two parameters: the type of intent and the intent URL.

The type of intent can be an activity (-a), a service (-s), or a broadcast (-b).

The intent URL is composed using one of two different kinds of syntax. Either the intent URI, which uses conventional URI format, or using the following format:


It is also possible to add an extra to the intent. Extra options are:

  • b for byte
  • B for boolean
  • c for character
  • d for double
  • f for float
  • i for integer
  • l for long
  • s for short
  • S for string

Sample sendintent Scripts

Task Sample Script Command
To open notepad sendintent -a "intent://;scheme=content;action=android.intent.action.EDIT;;end"
To play a video file sendintent -a "intent:file:///sdcard/www/Email.wmv#Intent;type=video/x-ms-wmv;;launchFlags=0x4000000;end"
To install a system update on an encrypted Motorola device sendintent -b "intent:#Intent;action=com.motorolasolutions.intent.action.UPDATE_PACKAGE;S.file=/sdcard/;end"
To add a string extra called toLock with a value of "lock" sendintent -b "intent:#Intent;action=android.intent.SES.WAKE_LOCK;S.toLock=lock;end;"
To tell the device's browser to open a specific webpage sendintent -a "https://<URL>#Intent;action=android.intent.action.VIEW;end"