Changing the Columns of the Devices List

About this task

You can change which columns appear in the Devices List so that the presented information is always the most relevant to you. The available columns are a subset of the device properties in the Device Information panel. They do not support using custom attributes as headers.

Note: The Device Name is mandatory and will always be included in a Column View.

To edit the visible columns in the Devices list:


  1. In the Devices header bar, click Column View: current_column_view.
  2. Click New Column View to create a new column view.
  3. Click the Rename icon to enter a name for the new column view.
  4. Click to enable the properties that you want to include in this column view. Click Done once satisfied.
  5. Drag-and-drop the column headers to re-order the columns into an arrangement that suits you.


You can create and save as many different column views as you want and switch between them by clicking the Column View: current_column_view drop-down and selecting the desired column view.