Searching for Devices

About this task

Find or filter devices with the Devices view search bar.

Use Keyword Search for quick searches and Advanced Search for precise filtering.

To look for devices:


  1. Define the scope of your search:
    • Select View All Devices to search across all of your devices.
    • Select a device group to run the search within that device group only.
    A device search limited to within a device group.
    Note: If searching within a device group, check whether Include Subfolders is enabled in Search Settings. If enabled, SOTI MobiControl will include devices within nested subgroups in its search. Otherwise, it will only consider devices directly within the selected device group.
    The device search settings menu.
  2. In the Devices view, activate the search bar and enter a keyword or complex search query.
    See Keyword Search or Advanced Search for the differences between the two search types.
  3. Press Enter or click the arrow button to execute the search.


To save a search, click the Save icon in the search bar after it has been executed. View your saved searches in the gear drop-down list. Searches are saved to specific SOTI MobiControl user accounts, not across entire instances.

To share a search query, copy the browser URL after the search has been executed.

Note: A notification will appear in the search bar if there are changes to a device in the current Devices list. Click the Refresh icon to update the results and apply the updated information.