A SOTI MobiControl console user who has full permissions to manage the SOTI MobiControl system.


Used in reference to applying configurations to, or installing applications on, a device. For example, rules, profiles and packages are assigned to devices.


Bring Your Own Device. A device management setup where an enterprise manages work data on the device user's personal device.


The main interface through which most device management is performed by SOTI MobiControl administrators or technicians.

check in

Used in reference to when devices connect to the SOTI MobiControl deployment server to relay device status or retrieve updates to device management settings.


A device partition dedicated to work data and applications. Data and applications in the work partition are not shared with the rest of the device.


Corporate Owned, Single Use. Describes a device that is used by multiple users for a single purpose such as a point of sale or inventory tracking device.


The set of devices whose configurations and applications are managed by your organization via SOTI MobiControl.


An umbrella term for any electronic apparatus that can be managed by SOTI MobiControl. Examples include smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, rugged handheld computers and so on.

device agent

A SOTI application installed on a device that grants SOTI MobiControl device management capabilities.

device family

A SOTI MobiControl-specific term that groups devices based on similarities such as operating system or manufacturer.

device platform

A SOTI MobiControl-specific term that groups similar devices. Device management capabilities are often determined at the device platform level. There may also be sub-platform groupings within a device platform.

device user

Refers to the user operating the physical device.


Enterprise Mobility Management. The technology and processes necessary for managing devices in an enterprise context.


To bring device under SOTI MobiControl management. Until a device is enrolled in SOTI MobiControl, you cannot modify its settings using SOTI MobiControl.


A single installation of SOTI MobiControl. An instance of SOTI MobiControl can have multiple deployment servers or management servers.

kiosk mode

A device that's restricted to a limited number of applications for a specific use or purpose.


A device that's restricted to a limited number of applications for a specific use or purpose.


Mobile Device Management. Software used to manage devices from a central location.


Original Equipment Manufacturer. In SOTI MobiControl documentation, it's generally used in the context of Android Plus to highlight variations in devices due to manufacturer differences.

It is also used to distinguish between Android devices that use Android's native work features (Android Enterprise) and those that do not (OEM).


To send a change to a device such as a new device setting, script, or application.


iOS specific. Supervised iOS devices provide greater device management capabilities. Supervision must be set up prior to activation of the device.


A SOTI MobiControl user who performs the day-to-day tasks of managing devices. A technician's permissions are usually more limited than those of the administrator, especially regarding SOTI MobiControl system settings.


Generally, refers to the SOTI MobiControl administrator or console user and not the user operating the device.