Finding Your Client ID and Client Secret

About this task

An API client ID and client secret are required to install the server component. You must have administrator access to the Windows Server where the SOTI MobiControl instance that will be administering SOTI Surf is hosted. If you are a SOTI MobiControl Cloud customer, contact SOTI Support to add an API client.

To find your client ID and client secret:


  1. On the machine where SOTI MobiControl is installed, launch a Windows command prompt with administrative privileges.
  2. Navigate to the SOTI MobiControl installation directory.
  3. Execute the following command: MCAdmin.exe APIClientAdd -n:{API client name} [-p:{API secret}] .
    API client name is a reference for your integrated application and the (optional) API secret is the passphrase that will be used to protect the API. An API secret will be generated for you if one was not provided.
  4. Once the Client ID and Client Secret are generated, copy them into the SOTI apps server extension installation wizard where prompted.