Using Remote Control

The ability to remote control and view your devices is a fundamental component of SOTI MobiControl. It allows you to troubleshoot device issues without requiring devices to return for an in-person inspection, thus reducing downtime. SOTI MobiControl supports two methods of remote control: web-based or plugin.

Note: Certain devices have restrictions regarding remote control:
  • Android Enterprise managed devices must have an Android Enterprise plugin installed to use remote control.
  • Android Enterprise managed profile devices and iOS devices can only be remote viewed, that is, device users operate the device while the SOTI MobiControl administrator watches.


SOTI Assist is the default and preferred solution for SOTI MobiControl remote control sessions. It is fully integrated with SOTI MobiControl and supplements remote control sessions with tools for logging and organizing issues.

SOTI Assist is a separate product from SOTI MobiControl that you must install before you can use it to remote control your devices.

See SOTI Assist Help for information on using SOTI Assist. Once SOTI Assist is set up, initiating a remote control session in SOTI MobiControl will open SOTI Assist in a new browser tab or window.

Downloadable Plugin

In SOTI MobiControl deployments where SOTI Assist is not installed, you can download a plugin to perform remote control sessions. This is a legacy method and should only be used where SOTI Assist is unavailable.