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What's New in MobiControl 14

Linux Management

Linux is everywhere - in the home, the office, our hospitals, schools and factories. Linux may be everywhere, but until now, Linux mobility management has been largely ignored - and where it does exist, it has been partial and proprietary. Now, SOTI MobiControl introduces the market’s first EMM solution to manage mixed mobility and IoT deployments with the introduction of support for Linux devices. SOTI makes it easy to secure and manage Linux endpoints alongside all of the other devices and operating systems used within your enterprise.

Re-designed Administration Console

Improved Search

We've been hard at work so you don't have to. With MobiControl's advanced search capability you can quickly find devices with incredible granularity and improve time to resolution when troubleshooting issues. When you are ready, export those results for reporting purposes.

Dynamic Charts

We built charts to give you realtime visualizations and insights of your device deployments. Create beautiful charts to analyze your device fleet proactively and serendipitously with just a few clicks.

Bulk Actions

Reduce repetitive administrative activities by moving devices and executing device actions in bulk. You'll even get the confidence of knowing whether the devices support the action before you've sent it.

Industry Proven Mobility Management

SOTI MobiControl is an enterprise mobility management solution that secures and manages Apple® iOS, Google Android™, and Microsoft Windows® devices, throughout their entire lifecycle, from deployment to retirement. It controls all aspects of business mobility — tracking physical assets, managing applications and content, as well as keeping devices and data safe and secure. SOTI is the proven leader for managing rugged, special-purpose devices used in key industries, such as: healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail and field services. It removes the complexity from managing a multi-OS, multi-vendor and multi-purpose business mobility program.

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Why SOTI MobiControl?

  • A Single Pane of Glass View
  • Flexible Deployment Architecture
  • Get Employees Up and Running Faster
  • Enterprise-grade Content Management
  • Full Lifecycle Application Management
  • Manage IoT Endpoints

A Single Pane of Glass View

SOTI's unified mobility management solution makes it easy to secure and manage a multi-OS, multi-vendor, and multi-purpose mobile ecosystem.

Flexible Deployment Architecture

SOTI lets you choose to deploy your mobility management solution as an on premise solution or as a subscription in the SOTI Cloud. Our delivery options cater to organizations of all sizes, no matter what your business or security requirements.

Get Employees Up and Running Faster

SOTI rapid provisioning with MobiControl Stage gets mobile devices into the hands of your employees sooner, with less IT time and effort. SOTI Express Enrollment automatically delivers essential device settings (Email, WiFi, VPN, Apps & Content) over-the-air based on user, role or location.

Enterprise-grade Content Management

SOTI enable your mobile workforce to access the files, documents and corporate content they need to do their jobs; anytime and anywhere. Detailed transaction logging and reporting make it easy to track who is seeing what documents and when.

Full Lifecycle Application Management

SOTI lets you get the right applications to the right users at the right time. Silently install mandatory applications without any user interaction, or enable a self-service portal to let the mobile worker install their own apps. SOTI automatically tracks user licenses as apps are installed and removed.

Manage IoT Endpoints

SOTI manages anything and everything- smartphones, tablets, smart printer, barcode scanner, wearables and other endpoints.


SOTI hub is a completely managed and secured content repository for your business. It allows your authenticated users to browse and download from an approved list of documents. All transactions are recorded for compliance reporting.

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SOTI surf is a secure mobile browser for iOS and Android devices. It is based on the Chromium open-source web browser project and provides users with a simple, familiar browsing experience. SOTI surf makes it easy for IT admins to manage browser features and policies, to optimize functionality without compromising security.

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