What Is SOTI Connect?

SOTI Connect is an Internet of Things Framework (IOTF): a flexible, expandable system for managing devices in an IoT network. Device administrators can use SOTI Connect to remotely update, configure, reboot, and query the state of devices, and perform other actions permitted by the device manufacturer.

SOTI Connect is flexible because the management actions you can perform on a device are defined in the device's protocol definition, an XML file created by the SOTI Connect administrator based on information from the device manufacturer. SOTI Connect generates the management user interface from the XML description of the device.

SOTI Connect is extensible because it does not require devices to support a specific management or communication protocol. If you need to use SOTI Connect to manage a new device with a different protocol, we can create a protocol adapter and a protocol definition for the new device. You will then be able to manage the device without upgrading the core system.