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SOTI ONE cloud applications offer flexible, scalable, and highly available enterprise management solutions ideal for customers looking to reduce their investment in IT infrastructure and maintenance. They provide the same level of functionality as their on-premises counterparts with much less overhead.

However, on premises applications do offer the ability to leverage other on premises enterprise services such as directory services and certificate authorities. As many on premises enterprise services are sequestered behind corporate firewalls and are not exposed to the internet where SOTI ONE cloud connections originate.

SOTI Cloud Link Agent overcomes that limitation, allowing enterprises to continue using on premises services. SOTI Cloud Link Agent is a light, on premises component that securely extends enterprise services to SOTI ONE cloud applications. SOTI Cloud Link Agent accepts SOTI ONE cloud application requests and forwards them to the respective enterprise service and then relays the response back to the SOTI ONE cloud application in real-time.

This SOTI Cloud Link Agent document is a technology overview and configuration guide. It also provides insight on several advanced deployment options including communication through a reverse proxy such as a Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG) and load balancing SOTI ONE application communication.