Advanced Analytics Functionality

Advanced Analytics offer easy-to-view, intuitive charts and dashboards that show real-time and historical data about your system. These advanced insights help you gain a deeper understanding of the operations of your SOTI MobiControl instance and maximize performance and throughput. Charts shown on the Advanced Analytics dashboard display the historic and current state of the system. Charts allow you to quickly identify performance outliers and bottlenecks, thus facilitating immediate corrective actions. For example, you can visually track a device fleet during business-critical content deployment activities, which enables you to quickly spot potential issues within the system and immediately troubleshoot to avoid downtime.

The Advanced Analytics dashboard features two functional areas:

  • Time Series charts (see View Time Series Charts) - Highlight key performance metrics to help you understand the current and past performance of the system and troubleshoot the system when necessary. All of these charts can show historical data of up to last 48 hours. The "time window" controls located under each chart allow you to focus on any time interval in the past 48 hours. The data older than 48 hours is automatically deleted from the SOTI MobiControl Search service. The default time window for all charts is the most recent 3 hours. The Time Series charts are divided into the following categories:
  • System Performance charts (see View System Performance Charts) - Showcase the performance of the Deployment server and SQL Server as they process the most expensive messages and database queries. Unlike the Time Series charts that retain historical data for up to 48 hours, the System Performance charts are meant to hold the data only for a short period of time. The message-related charts show information for the last 30 minutes. Nothing older than 30 minutes is displayed on these charts. The database-related charts can hold information for a longer period, depending on how long a specific database query has been cached in the SQL Server memory. The System Performance charts are divided into the following categories:
Note: To view the Advanced Analytics dashboard, you need to have the View System Health permission defined under Console Access.