SOTI MobiControl Console Announcements

SOTI MobiControl uses announcements to keep you informed of system events and information from SOTI. System related announcements may appear for one or more of the following reasons:

The Announcements notification in the SOTI MobiControl console.
  • License or maintenance expiration (30 days prior, and persistently after expiration)
  • Device license availability falls below 5% of total licenses
  • Certificate or token expiration (30 days prior, and persistently after expiration) including:
    • Apple Push Notification Service certificate
    • Apple Automated Device Enrollment token
    • Apple App Store License tokens
    • Management service, Deployment server, and Deployment server extension certificates
  • Status of various components of SOTI MobiControl
    • SOTI Cloud Link Agent
    • SOTI Services
  • Server error messages
  • New features. After you install or upgrade to a new version, SOTI MobiControl promotes new features in the announcements menu. This announcement automatically fades 48 hours after you first log in, but you can still see the feature list from the Username > Explore What's New menu.

System related announcements appear to all SOTI MobiControl users and cannot be dismissed until the relevant issue has been resolved.

SOTI MobiControl also uses the Announcements menu to notify you of security, product updates, system maintenance, and other information SOTI deems pertinent. Periodically, an announcement may request your feedback for improving our products. These announcements can be dismissed as desired.