SOTI MobiControl uses rules to simplify the tasks of device management and configuration. You can create the following types of rules.

  • Add Devices: Enables you to configure the settings that SOTI MobiControl uses to set up and communicate with your devices.

  • App Policies: Enables you to create a list of applications you want to distribute to devices.

  • File Sync: Enables you to schedule files that you want to be synchronized between devices and the SOTI MobiControl deployment server.

  • Device Relocation: Enables you to automatically move devices from one group to another based on the devices's current location.

  • Data Collection: Enables you to collect data from devices automatically.

  • Alert: Enables you and device users to be notified when various events occur within a SOTI MobiControl system.

  • Telecom Expense Management: Enables you and device users to be notified about current usage of company voice and data minutes.

This help section provides reference information about the dialog boxes and wizards you use when you create or edit different types of rules.