Creating SMTP Server Connections

About this task

You can create multiple SMTP connections and associate them with the different alert rules or scheduled reports as necessary.

To create an SMTP connection:


  1. Select Global Settings from the main menu.
  2. From the Settings tree on the left, select Services > SMTP.
  3. In the SMTP page that opens (see SMTP), click + to open the SMTP Server dialog (see SMTP Server).
  4. Configure the new SMTP server connection as required:
    Connection Name Enter the name you want to assign to this SMTP server connection.
    Server Address Enter the host name of the SMTP server. Enter the port used by the SMTP server.
    Use SSL Turn on the toggle to to use Secure Sockets Layer.
    Authentication Type Select the method to be used to authenticate users on the SMTP server.
    Sender Email Enter the email address from which emails are to be sent.
    Sender Name Enter the name of the person or entity that corresponds to the email address.
    Test Connection Click to send a test email using this connection's SMTP settings. For details, see Email.
    Add Click to add a new email recipient to the list.
    Enable/Disable Turn on/off the toggle to enable/disable the recipient.
    Delete Click to delete the email recipient from the list.
    Type Select "To," "CC," or "BCC."
    Email Enter the recipient's email address.
    Name Enter the recipient's name.
    Time Zone Turn on the toggle to enable time zone definition for the SMTP server.
    Select Time Zone Select a time zone for the SMTP server.
    Notification Filters Click the + button to add a filer to the list.
    Day(s) Select day(s) of the week on which notification emails will not be send to the recipients.
    Start Time Select the start time for the time interval during which emails will not be send to the recipients.
    End Time Select the end time for the time interval during which emails will not be send to the recipients.
    Delete Click to delete the notification filter from the list.
    Save Click to save the new connection or changes you have made to an existing one.
    Cancel Click to discard changes and close the dialog box.
  5. Click Save.