Installing SOTI MobiControl

Before you begin

  1. Confirm that your system meets the minimum requirements
  2. Plan out your server arrangement
  3. Prepare your system for installation

About this task

This tutorial describes how to install and activate SOTI MobiControl to manage your devices. A SOTI MobiControl installation consists of three main components: the deployment server, the database, and the console. While this tutorial focuses on a standard installation, SOTI MobiControl is flexible and can adapt to suit your needs, whether that means components on different computers or multiples of some components.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:


Install SOTI MobiControl Components On Your Servers
  1. Decide where each component will be located.
    It is possible to install all three components on a single server. However, with larger device deployments we recommend that you place the database on a separate server.
  2. Download the SOTI MobiControl installer from the SOTI Downloads page and save it to the server where you'll be installing SOTI MobiControl.
  3. Run the SOTI MobiControl installer as an administrator to launch the installation wizard.
  4. Choose a setup language, then click OK.
  5. Read the introductory information in the first panel, then click Next.
  6. Read and accept the SOTI MobiControl license agreement. If desired, you can print the license agreement for future reference. Click Next.
  7. Make sure only the Features that you want installed on this server are selected. The SOTI MobiControl installer selects all components by default.
    If the installer does not detect a database on the server, you will see an additional option to download Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express. If you have an existing database that is not on this server, clear the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express option. You will have the opportunity to connect to your database later.

    Click Browse if you want to to change the destination folder from the default C:\Program Files\SOTI\MobiControl. Click Next.

  8. Enter the information you want to use to connect to the new Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express database. Click Next.
    Note: This panel appears only if you opted to download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express. Otherwise, skip ahead to step 9.
  9. Enter the information required to connect to your database. Click Next.
    Note: This panel appears only if you opted not to download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express. See Database Requirements for more information.
    Server Use the drop-down to select the location of the database on a computer on the network. You can also type in the network location of the database.
    Note: If your server is configured to listen to a port other than the default (1433), include the port number. For example: SERVER,01234\SQLSERVER .
    Connect using Select your authentication method:
    • Windows Authentication
    • SQL Server Authentication
    Username Enter the username for the account that SOTI MobiControl will use to access the database.

    The account must have read/write permissions.

    Password Enter the password for the account that SOTI MobiControl will use to access the database.
    Database Name Enter the name of the database.
    Auto Detect Click this button to retrieve the database name automatically using the provided information to attempt a connection.
  10. Optional: If the installer detects multiple IP addresses on the server, you are asked to choose which IP address to use for communications. Click Next.
  11. Review your installation settings. Click Next to start the installation, Back to return to a previous wizard panel, or Advanced to access advanced installation settings.
  12. Optional: Modify the advanced settings for SOTI MobiControl. Click Next to begin the installation or Back to return to a previous wizard panel.
    Note: Advanced settings are configured automatically based on the options you chose throughout the installer. Be careful when you modify these options; some may change the default behavior of SOTI MobiControl. Additionally, make a note of any change that you do make for future reference.
    Site Name Change the automatically configured site name of the SOTI MobiControl deployment.
    Device Management Address Change the automatically configured address that Android and Apple devices use for connectivity. The address must be in either FQDN or IP format.
    Web Console Instance Name Enter a name for your SOTI MobiControl console instance.
    Note: If left blank, the System Root URl will be generated based on the Device Management Address.
    HTTPS Port Enter the port number of the HTTPS connection.
    System Root URL Displays the system root URL.
    SSP Instance Name Enter a name for your Self Service Portal instance.
    Deployment Server Name Enter a name for your deployment server.
    Port Enter a port number for the connection to the deployment server.
    Database: Create Partition When enabled, the database is divided into 14 partitions to optimize data collection.

    See Database Partitioning for more information.

    Database: Create Backup When enabled, creates a backup of the database. Configure the backup's location on the SQL Server instance.
    Database: Force Upgrade When enabled, forces the database to upgrade.
    Database: Start services automatically after upgrade / installation When enabled, services start immediately after SOTI MobiControl is installed.
    Tip: Disable this setting when performing installations or upgrades across multiple servers since you need to stop services to perform each new installation. Start services after all servers have been updated.

    The installation should take roughly ten to fifteen minutes. If you chose to install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express, it will install as part of the main SOTI MobiControl installation and take an additional few minutes.

  13. Click Finish to close the installer.
    The SOTI MobiControl components that you selected are now installed on your server. You will need to repeat the installation on any other servers where you want to install SOTI MobiControl components.
    Important: Always use the same installer version on each server. Secondly, stop services on all existing SOTI MobiControl servers using either the SOTI MobiControl Administration Utility or Windows Services. Services are often configured to auto-start so confirm that SOTI MobiControl services are shut off even if you haven't yet launched SOTI MobiControl. Services are automatically restarted once the installer finishes.
Activate and Register SOTI MobiControl
  1. Launch the SOTI MobiControl console: In a web browser, go to the System Root URL or managementServiceAddress/SOTI MobiControl.
  2. On the Product Activation page, enter the registration code you received from your SOTI representative. Click Next.
    Note: If your deployment is offline, skip ahead to step 16.
  3. Optional: For offline activations only:
    1. On the Product Activation page, click Offline Activation.
    2. On the Offline Activation page, open a new browser tab or window and go to Do not close the tab or window that contains the Offline Activation page.
    3. Enter the requested information.
      Registration ID Enter the registration code you received from your SOTI representative.
      Installation ID Enter your installation ID. It can be found in the SOTI MobiControl Administration Utility under View Product Details
      Product Version Enter your Product Version. It can be found in the SOTI MobiControl Administration Utility under View Product Details
      Tip: The SOTI MobiControl Administration Utility was installed with SOTI MobiControl and manages SOTI MobiControl system settings. Find it on the Windows Start menu.
    4. Click Get License and save the generated license to your computer.
    5. Return to the browser tab or window that contains the Offline Activation page and upload the license file.
  4. Create a password for the default administrator account for the SOTI MobiControl console. Click Next.
    This administrator account has top-level access and permissions, so it is important to choose a strong password and to be careful about disseminating it. You will have the opportunity to create lower access user accounts later.
  5. Log in to the SOTI MobiControl console using the credentials you just created.
  6. Accept the SOTI MobiControl End User Software License Agreement.


Done! You have successfully installed SOTI MobiControl and launched the SOTI MobiControl console. You are now ready to start managing your mobile devices.

Note: If you encountered any issues during installation, see Common SOTI MobiControl Installation Errors.