Using Packages

Packages are containers for sending applications, scripts, and other files to devices managed by SOTI MobiControl. Package Studio compresses these items into a smaller package, allowing for swifter data transmission over low-speed network connections.

Package Projects

Packages are the final form of the file and software container that is usable by SOTI MobiControl. In Package Studio, you are generally working with "Package Projects", the development phase of a package.

A package project gathers the files, scripts, and applications together and allows you to specify installation instructions. Once you are satisfied with the contents, you 'build' the project to create the final package. Projects can be modified after they have been built. Add or remove files and then simply rebuild the project.

Package projects are saved as *.mcp files.

Note: Packages are available on the Android Plus, Linux, Printer, Windows Mobile/CE, and Windows Modern platforms.