About SOTI Cloud Link Agent

SOTI MobiControl cloud offers a flexible, scalable, and highly available Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution ideal for customers looking to reduce their investment in IT infrastructure and maintenance. This Software as a Service (SaaS) provides the same feature set available in an on-premises deployment of SOTI MobiControl, which often leverages other on-premises enterprise services such as directory services, and certificate authorities.

In most environments, enterprise services are sequestered behind a corporate firewall and are not exposed to the internet where SOTI MobiControl cloud connections originate. Without the ability to communicate with these services SOTI MobiControl cannot provide features such as directory-authenticated device enrollment and automated certificate distribution.

To overcome these limitations, SOTI MobiControl offers SOTI Cloud Link Agent, a light, on-premises component which securely extends enterprise services to SOTI MobiControl cloud instances. SOTI Cloud Link Agent accepts SOTI MobiControl cloud requests and forwards them to the respective enterprise service, and then relays the response back to SOTI MobiControl in real-time.

This SOTI Cloud Link Agent document is a technology overview and configuration guide. It also provides insight on several advanced deployment options including communication through a reverse proxy such as a Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG) and load balancing SOTI Cloud Link Agent communication.

Note: This document does not cover the initial setup of SOTI MobiControl and assumes that you have basic knowledge and administrative access to all involved systems and firewalls.